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NJW Cabling Services are specialists in Switchboard and Mains upgrades.

Switchboard Upgrades

If the switchboard at your home has porcelain rewireable fuses, has no labelling, or there is no room to add new circuits – it is time for a switchboard upgrade.

A switchboard upgrade will allow extra room for additional circuits, provide individual RCD protection to all circuits in your home, and there will be no more rewiring fuses in the dark.

Most importantly, a switchboard upgrade reduces the risk of an electrical fire or electrocution.

What is involved in a Switchboard Upgrade:

  • We will come out and discuss what’s needed and issue you a free quote
  • We will isolate the power to your home from the Western Power Meter
  • Remove the old fuse panel (a lot of times these contain asbestos)
  • Install new plastic or metal DIN rail style switchboard
  • Install individual RCD protection to each circuit (power, light, oven, ac, etc.)
  • Check the main earth and water pipe bond and upgrade if needed
  • Clearly and neatly label the switchboard
  • Test all circuits and re-energise
  • For a switchboard upgrade, your power will be off for about 5 hours

Main Upgrades

As time marches forward, we are using more and more electricity in the home.

Gone are the days of just lights and power. Today we have double ovens, induction cooktops, ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning, pools, spas, and electric heaters.

With all of these added loads, you may find you need an upgrade to 3 phase supply.

NJW Cabling Services safely and efficiently carry out these upgrades.

Usually the power is off for less than half the day, as we carry out the bulk of the works prior to changeover.


Overhead Supply Upgrades

If you have an overhead supply, we can upgrade from single phase to 3 phase.

We will install the new mains from your overhead bracket to the switchboard and coordinate with Western Power to carry out the upgrade.

Once finished, you wont notice the change, except that you’ll have a new Electricity Meter.

Underground Mains

If you need to convert your property from an overhead supply to underground mains, or need to upgrade from a single to 3 phase supply, leave it to us.

We carry out trenching from the Western Power green pillar to your switchboard either by hand or with a small excavator. We try to minimise the impact on gardens and vegetation, and will lift pavers and stack neatly where needed.

Once the underground cable has been installed, we backfill our trench and clean up to make it look like we were never there.

We coordinate with Western Power for the changeover, and will remove the old overhead riser bracket too.


Why Choose Us

  • Prompt, Professional, and Tidy
  • We believe in punctuality , communication, cleanliness, professionalism, and Quality without Compromise! ​
  • Every job we carry out is discussed in detail with the client before works begin, to make sure the scope is fully understood. ​
  • We schedule works to meet your needs. If works need to be carried out in your shop or office space, we can carry out works outside of your normal business hours to make sure there is as minimal disruption to your business!
  • We treat every job site with the upmost respect. We never leave a job without cleaning up after ourselves.
  • We know how much your home or business means to you, so we leave it as clean as we possibly can! ​​

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