Commercial Networking

These days, a modern and top quality data cabling network is essential for almost every business. Every member of your staff must have the ‘tools to do the job’; and in the 21st century, this means proper access to communications and the internet. Without adequate data cables to each and every worker, your business will suffer.

NJW Cabling Services is your leading data cabling specialist. We have more than 15 years’ experience in installing structured voice and data networks to businesses.

We can provide all of your internet and communications cabling requirements. Maybe you are moving to a new office or you are adding new staff that urgently needs to be connected to your data hub. NJW Cabling Services are ready to take care of any cabling task – from repairing a single broken cable to installing a fully integrated network cabling system in a new or renovated building.

We only use the latest technology and our finely tuned, up to the minute skills have helped us to build an enviable reputation of delivering top quality work to tight deadlines. Whatever your requirements, we will have a solution to suit your business needs.

Here is a summary of what we can do for you:

  • Provide additional data lines for new/additional staff.
  • Extend cabling to new offices or new areas, as required.
  • Design, build and install and entire data cabling network.
  • Undertake analysis of your business requirements and submit a detailed report on our recommended network cabling specifications.
  • Carry out ‘fault-finding’ work on an existing data network and repair, replace or upgrade as necessary.
  • Install communications cabinets and patch panels
  • Install and label ports patched into panels, cabinets and PC/Server racks.
  • Plan and carry out the relocation of your data cabling networks.
  • Carry out testing and issue cable certification of your network.

Supply and install cable trays, ducted skirting and generally ensure the smooth and safe travel of all data.

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