Residential Networking

Data usage in our homes has certainly changed in the last few years. Not long ago we had a landline telephone and dial up internet. Remember those days of making a call and dropping out the internet?

Now as we transition to the NBN, there comes a long list of connected services in the home.

Smart TVs, home automation systems, multimedia, gaming equipment – all of this technology benefits from home data cabling. From streaming services, to Home Assistants like Google and Alexa, you can even access the internet from your fridge!

At NJW Cabling Services, we offer a range of services to bring your home into the connected world:

  • Data outlets and networks to connect devices to the internet and not depend on wifi.
  • Upgraded phone lines – removing old outdated cabling in your home that will slow down your internet
  • Wireless Access Points to increase your Wifi range, and eliminate those pesky frustrating dead spots
  • Full home office networks for high speed data sending/receiving
  • Home hubs to house your modems, switches in a lockable dust free space.

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